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1001 Nights EP - Lost Rhythm

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Opening the year in style, Lostium’s first offering of 2023 finds label boss Lost Rhythm returning
for a new EP. For Berlin based artist Sal Schenkel aka Lost Rhythm 2022 proved to be a
meaningful year. Although less prolific than years prior it was a campaign which saw the rising
phenom make his Steyoyoke debut in October with ‘Aetheria’. Released as part of the label’s
famed ‘Ethereal Techno’ collection, the astral-tinged excursion received a remix from
Steyoyoke stalwart MPathy, and in turn earned the praise of Fideles, Mind Against, Nick Warren
and more. Now, carrying that momentum into 2023, Lost Rhythm makes a welcome return to
Lostium with ‘1001 Nights’.

The first selection ’1001 Nights’ sets the tone for the EP with an evolving atmospheric backdrop
and pulsating hypno-grooves. Tough and tense in equal measure, Lost Rhythm builds drama
across the first act with a clever co-ax of panoramic synth maneuveres and cross-cultural
motifs, the latter of which provides a spiritual bridge into the main break. The primary theme
swells further as the interlude takes shape, opening up into a soulful canopy of sound, before
getting pulled back as ghostly vocals spark a spellbinding finale.

The companion piece ‘Habibi’ lands with an equally impressive display of craftsmanship and
continues the cross-cultural lean of the release. Building with a subdued pulse, its meditative
cadence and flickering percussive arrangements eventually give way to spiritual vocal phrasing
and soulful instrumentation. This ethnic mosaic carries into the break, resulting in a profound
mood setting experience, where textural and structural dimensions smoothly segue into a
release-closing dance floor escapade. It caps off a welcome return to Lostium for Lost Rhythm,
an artist who begins 2023 with two of his strongest productions to date. Highly recommended.



Ara - Lost Rhythm

Ares EP - Lost Rhythm

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 Moonstone EP - Lost Rhythm


Continuing a strong start to the year, Lostium welcomes back label boss Lost Rhythm for a new EP entitled ‘Moonstone’. Released in January, the German artist set 2020 in motion with the well received ‘Transcendence’. It’s astral techno sensibilities earned the praise of John Digweed, Mind Against and Solomun, furthering Lost Rhythm’s creative journey into this fresh sounding blueprint. Now building on that momentum in the year’s second month, the Berlin resident presents a two track showcase entitled ‘Moonstone.’

Beginning with the title track ‘Moonstone’ Lost Rhythm continues to explore the melodic techno ethos which has made him a talked about up and coming artist. Energetic and fluid, punchy beats and perfectly contoured bass unite for a robust low end. Dramatic pulses, hypnotic arps and sweeping effects add mightily to the rhythmic core, as layers of percussion build momentum with each successive loop. Enticing yet mysterious, ghostly atmospheres take the narrative into a solemn break, melting down to an arcane calm, before a tasteful build cues a symphonic crescendo and powerful drop.

The companion piece ‘Aldura’ finds the German artist continuing the trippy narrative set by it’s predecessor. Minimal and spacious from the outset, it’s well constructed groove houses a variety of intriguing electronics and finely tuned percussion. Continuing on a darker path, the main break adds further sonic wizardry with an impressive selection of superbly produced artefacts. Once championed by Tale Of Us, it’s a synth heavy sound which still resonates amongst the genre’s fans and continues to forge new blueprints moving forward. It caps off a welcome return to his home imprint for Lost Rhythm, an artist who continues to impress as 2021 moves forward. 

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Transcendence - Lost Rhythm




The latest release on Lostium finds label boss Lost Rhythm back in the spotlight with a new single. Hailing from Berlin, the German artist established the Lostium imprint in 2019 for a vehicle to release his astral inspired creations. With three releases already etched into the label’s discography, 2020 also saw Lost Rhythm contribute a track to Progressive Dreamers popular ‘Top List’ collection. Now beginning the new year in style, Lost Rhythm returns to his comfortable home of Lostium with the much anticipated ‘Transcendence’.

Although early into his electronic music journey, Lost Rhythm has developed an affinity for mystical storyboarding. Evident once again on his latest creation ‘Transcendence’, the Berlin resident marries modern techno sensibilities with emotive motifs. Anchored by a deep, hypno-groove and sultry rhythmic structures, it’s a production that flows through a myriad of astral aesthetics. Highly dramatic throughout, ghostly synths and wispy effects converge for moments of sonic integrity, while timely overlays and emerging pads add to its mysterious charm. Cinematic and prophetic in equal measure, the main break melts down to a cavernous rumble, building anticipation with each successive loop, before a percussive flurry sparks a tastefully, uplifting finale. A captivating piece of music from Lost Rhythm, who gets 2021 off to a great start with the heady sounds of ‘Transcendence’. 

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Lost Rhythm - Forever Away
Lost Rhythm - Forever Away
Lost Rhythm - Mysteria
Lost Rhythm - Mysteria
Lost Rhythm - Chaos
Lost Rhythm - Chaos
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